Make your days epic

Calendar app with background images.

What ever inspires you or is important to you, add it in your calendar to keep it that way.

Epikki as a Personal Calendar

Know what is important to you

We all have important things and seeing those ensures that they don't vanish out of the way of all information coming to us from outside.

Use own photos

Take photo from what you love and add it as background with a click.

Download backgrounds

Use Epikki's calendar background search to explore backgrounds added by others or just see what's new on there.

Share your backgrounds

Add pictures to calendar directly from phone and share them with your friends or whole world.

Support what you care

Buy backgrounds from people and organizations you feel close.

One more thing: it is also a calendar!

Yep, that it is, awesome and beautiful calendar for your every day personal use.

Epikki as a Fan and Customer Engager

Everyone knows Coke, why they advertise?

That people remember to drink Coke. When you are meaningful to people, help them to remember you by adding your logo and beautiful pictures to Epikki.

Click to see how.


Do a favor for yourself and for those, who feel you are important to them by fulfilling their interest for greater engagement.


By getting people involved with you or you can sell backgrounds with Epikki. This is great way for non-organizations, sport clubs bands and individuals.

Click to see how.

Link to your content

If you have content in web which is valuable to users, link it to Epikki's background.

Get new fans

When calendar users found your background image interesting they share it with friends which brings new fans to your circle.

"For us Epikki is a great tool to engage with our fans, get new fans and generate revenue."
Pekka Palonen
CEO of Pyry Hockey, Nokia, Finland