Make your days epic

Calendar app with background images.

Unfortunately Epikki calendar is not available anymore because it’s usage is so scarce. Thank You for everybody!

Epikki as a Personal Calendar

Stay focused on what matters to you

Epikki helps you remember what matters and keeps you focused on the important things in your life.

Use your own photos

Take or upload a photo of what you love and add it as a calendar background with a click.

Download backgrounds

Use Epikki's calendar background search to browse backgrounds added by others or just to explore backgrounds.

Share your backgrounds

Share your backgrounds with your family and friends or the whole Epikki community.

Show your support

Buy backgrounds from people and organizations that are of importance to you.

Organize: it is a calendar!

Your personalized everyday accessory to plan and keep track of your life.

Epikki as a Fan and Customer Engager

Everybody knows Coca Cola, so why do they advertise?

That people remember to drink Coke. Even when something is familiar to people, they still need constant reminders to reinforce the brand. Stay on the radar by adding your logo and pictures to Epikki.

Click to see how.

Deepen fan/customer engagement

Earn money

You can make money by connecting with and increasing your fanbase by selling your Epikki backgrounds. This is a great way for sport clubs, bands and individuals.

Click to see how.

Link to your website

You can link your own website or any other important links to your Epikki background.

Get new fans and followers

When calendar users find your background image interesting and share it with friends it increases your fanbase and online followers.

"For us Epikki is a great tool to engage with our fans, get new fans and generate revenue."
Pekka Palonen
CEO of Pyry Hockey, Nokia, Finland